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Oct 30 March + Teach In

October 29, 2020


As a follow-up to the open letters to Morty Schapiro, faculty in History have been working to organize a contingent to participate in a teach-in and rally this Friday from 3pm to 5pm. 

The aim is to show support for our students who are envisioning a better campus and a better world. This event is also a photo opportunity (for whatever journalists are present) to demonstrate that faculty will stand with our students. We believe that numbers really count at this moment, particularly given the impression that Morty Schapiro painted of activists as outsiders to the NU community. 

In accordance with the students’ protocols for confidentiality and safety, the location of where the event will take place will be released tomorrow, though faculty/staff (and any students who wish) will gather near the Arch around 2:45 pm. 

If you are able to attend, a colorful sign or two with messages of solidarity would be quite appropriate.

Here is a brief description of the anticipated schedule, sent by one of the active students:

"The duration [of the event on Friday] should be roughly 3 to 5 - no later than 5, I think. We will gather at 3, march around 3:30, and take the space at the designated location. There will be some speakers (perhaps 20 min worth), an interactive teach in component (perhaps another 15-20 min) and then just unstructured, free time to be in the space, eat candy, listen to music, etc. So it will be a pretty chill, hopefully fun and informative event. If Faculty have young children who want to dress up in Halloween costumes, that would be super welcome, too! And of course, masks will be required.”