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The minor allows students with an interest in Gender & Sexuality Studies to gain substantial exposure to the field while taking fewer courses than needed for the major. In addition, students often use the minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies to satisfy the “related courses” or “concentration” requirements of their WCAS, MEDILL or School of Communications major.

(From 2022 Catalog)

Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies

1. Two core courses:

2. Five additional courses, at least two at the 300-level. At least one must represent humanities-based approach to gender and sexuality studies (e.g., 231, 233, 321, 324, 361). At least one must represent a social science-based approach to gender & sexuality studies (e.g., 232, 331, 351, 353). All courses must be from or co- or cross-listed in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

*No double-counting toward a major or another minor is allowed.