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Certificate and Cluster Requirements

The interdisciplinary program in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Northwestern offers two levels of participation open to all graduate students in programs and departments throughout the university.

Download the Cluster/Certifcate progress report and advising form

Interdisciplinary Cluster in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Students in established departmental graduate programs can opt to participate in the Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Cluster. The cluster provides basic training in gender and sexuality studies and is an alternative to Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies (for those students whose schedules do not allow for the completion of certificate requirement). The cluster is open to all interested graduate students; the Graduate School designates some in-coming graduate students as Interdisciplinary Cluster fellows. This credential does  not appear on transcripts. Most students proceed to the Certificate. 

Cluster requirements

Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies is designed to give students in Northwestern graduate programs advanced training in gender and sexuality studies. Many students view the Certificate as an important credential as they establish careers in scholarship and teaching positions that combine that combine traditional academic disciplines with interdisciplinary work in gender and sexuality studies. This credential  does appear on your transcripts. 

Certificate requirements

Program overviews

The two levels of participation offer students flexibility for incorporating interdisciplinary approaches into their graduate education. The program's courses and other graduate activities do not differentiate between Cluster and Certificate students. Most students who entered the program through the Cluster have elected to pursue the more advanced Certificate. The Director of Graduate Studies consults with prospective and current graduate students to discuss how best to integrate gender and sexuality studies into their anticipated and existing programs of study.

In general, students are encouraged to begin either the Cluster or Certificate Program in the first year of graduate study. During that year, students typically will take GSS 405 and GSS 490 Queer Theory or GSS 490 Sociology of Sexuality. After completing the foundational courses, students should confer with their thesis advisors and their Gender Studies Graduate Advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies to determine the direction of their course work and research or performance project.

Core Courses regularly taught by Gender and Sexuality Studies Faculty

Here is the current year's course offerings.

Members of the Graduate Faculty with joint appointments in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Héctor Carrillo (Sociology and GSS)
Nick Davis (English and GSS)
Mary G. Dietz (Political Science and GSS)
Tessie P. Liu (History and GSS)
Jeffrey Masten (English and GSS)
Ann Orloff (Sociology)
Mary Weismantel (Anthropology)

Gender and Sexuality Studies Faculty Affiliates

Many additional Northwestern faculty members teach and advise Gender and Sexuality Studies students. Faculty affiliated with Gender and Sexuality Studies hold appointments in more than twenty departments and in several schools of the university. Please consult our website for a  full list of faculty affiliates.

For further information and specific questions email the Director of Graduate Studies:

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