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Amy Partridge

Associate Professor of Instruction in Gender & Sexuality Studies

Ph.D. Northwestern University

Amy Partridge is a Senior Lecturer in Gender & Sexuality Studies. She received a Ph.D. in Performance Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies from Northwestern University. Partridge's teaching and research interests include topics in the history of medicine, sexuality studies, feminist science studies, gender and labor history, and cultural studies. A former Research Associate at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine in London, her research focuses on popular public health education campaigns, past and present. She is currently working on two book-length projects: Performing the Sanitary Idea in Victorian Britain, which examines the use of popular performance forms in public health campaigns targeted at working-class audiences in Victorian Britain, and a documentary history of the 1970s Women's Health Movement in the United States. Prof. Partridge teaches courses on "Public Health and Its Discontents," "Gender, Sexuality & Health Activism," "Female Pleasure: Feminism & the Sexological Tradition ~1910 to Present," "The Women's Health Movement: 1970 to Present," "Feminist & Queer Activism after 9/11," "Gender, Sexuality, and Technoscience" as well as a Freshman Seminar on "Our Bodies Ourselves" and "Feminist & Queer Activism 1960s to the Present."

Courses Taught

  • "Public Health and Its Discontents"
  • "Gender, Sexuality & Health Activism"
  • "Female Pleasure: Feminism & the Sexological Tradition ~1910 to Present"
  • "The Women's Health Movement: 1970 to Present"
  • "Feminist & Queer Activism After 9/11"
  • "Gender, Sexuality, and Technoscience"
  • "Our Bodies Ourselves" (Freshman Seminar)
  • "Feminist & Queer Activism 1960s to the Present" (Freshman Seminar)
  • "Health Activism"
  • "Sex, Sexuality, and Technoscience"