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2024-25 Schedule (Undergraduate)

FALL 2024 | WINTER 2025 | SPRING 2025 | SUMMER 2025

Fall 2024 Course Schedule

Course Co-Listed Title Instructor Day/Time
GNDR_ST 101-7 - Love as a Lens for Social Justice: Why and How We Care Eli Kean TTh 11-12:20
GNDR_ST 220 - Sexual Subjects: Introduction to Sexuality Studies Lane Fenrich TTh 3:30-4:50
GNDR_ST 231 ALC 290 Sinophone Feminisms Paola Zamperini MW 12:30-1:50pm
GNDR_ST 233 PHIL 221 Gender, Politics and Philosophy Pascal Brixel MW 3:30-4:50
GNDR_ST 235 BLK_ST 247 Black Life. Trans Life. Marquis Bey TTh 9:30-10:50am
GNDR_ST 260 - Critical Fat Studies S.B. West TTh 9:30-10:50am
GNDR_ST 321/350 - Pleasure in the Archives I Amy Partridge MW 11-12:20
GNDR_ST 331 SOC 356 Sociology of Gender Rebecca Ewert MW 3:30-4:50
GNDR_ST 340 LEGAL_ST 340 Gender, Sexuality and the Law Joanna Grissinger TTh 11-12:20
GNDR_ST 341 - Gender Expansivity in Latin America S.B. West TTh 12:30-1:50
GNDR_ST 341/350 - Universal Trans Rights and Medical Practices Jillana Enteen TTh 12:30-1:50
GNDR_ST 361 ENGLISH 338 Queering the Crown: Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Their Afterlives Jeff Masten TTh 3:30-4:50
GNDR_ST 362 MUSICOL. 352/452 Desire, Drama and Sorcery in 17th-Century Music Linda Austern TTh 11-12:20
GNDR_ST 374 - Imagining the Internet Jillana Enteen MW 11-12:20
GNDR_ST 381 - Queer Theory Jillana Enteen MW 2-3:30
GNDR_ST 390 JOUR 390 Viruses and Viral Media Steven Thrasher MW 10-11:20
GNDR_ST 396 - Senior Capstone Seminar Amy Partridge MW 2-3:30
GNDR_ST 397 ENGLISH 380/BLK_ST 380 Black Feminist Theory Marquis Bey TTh 2-3:20


Men Dancing Susan Manning Wed 9:30-11:50am


Winter 2025 Course Schedule

Course Co-Listed Title Instructor Day/Time
GNDR_ST 101-8 - Millennial Gender Nick Davis TBD
GNDR_ST 230 - Traditions in Feminist Thought Silyane Larcher TBD
GNDR_ST 231 ALC 290 Fashion Matters Paola Zamperini TBD
GNDR_ST 232 SOC 223 Masculinities & Society Rebecca Ewert TBD
GNDR_ST 234 LING 223 Language and Gender Gregory Ward TBD
GNDR_ST 232 SOC 232 Gender, Sexuality & Society Rebecca Ewert TBD
GNDR_ST 321 HISTORY 341 Capitalism and Desire: Mapping Sexualities in 19th Century Paris Tessie Liu TBD
GNDR_ST 331 SOC 309 Sociology of Gender Ann Orloff TBD
GNDR_ST 332 - Health Activism Amy Partridge TBD
GNDR_ST 332/350 - Pleasure in the Archives II Amy Partridge TBD
GNDR_ST 350 BLK_ST Who is Afraid of Black Sexuality? Mark Lockwood TBD
GNDR_ST 361 ENGLISH 338 Queering the Crown Jeffrey Masten TBD
GNDR_ST 380 BLK_ST Black Feminisms in a Francophone Context: From the Second World War to Global Anti-Blackness Silyane Larcher TBD
GNDR_ST 397 - Feminist Theory S.B. West TBD
GNDR_ST 3XX - Gender Abolition/Border Abolition S.B. West TBD
GNDR_ST 390 - Continuation of Imagining the Internet Jillana Enteen TBD


Spring 2024 Course Schedule

Course Co-Listed Title Instructor Day/Time
GNDR_ST 101-8-1 - Coalition Politics from Chicago and Beyond Amy Partridge TBD
GNDR_ST 221 GBL_HLTH 221 Beyond Porn: Sexuality, Health and Pleasure Noelle Sullivan TBD
GNDR_ST 231 ALC 240 Contemporary Women Authors of South Korea and Feminist Criticism Dahye Kim TBD
GNDR_ST 2XX SOC XXX Sociology of Gender TBD TBD
GNDR_ST 321 - Gender, Race and the Holocaust Sarah Cushman TBD
GNDR_ST 332 SOC 320 Gender, Health and Medicine Rebecca Ewert TBD
GNDR_ST 332/350 - Sex, Gender, Sexuality, Race and Technoscience Amy Partridge TBD
GNDR_ST 382 - Gender, Race, and the Politics of Beauty Tessie Liu TBD
GNDR_ST 397 LATINA/O Latinx Feminisms Alyssa Garcia TBD


SUMMER 2025 Course Schedule

Course Co-Listed Title Instructor Day/Time